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LED strip with side light, 60LED/m, non-waterproof

LED strip equipped with SMD 4008 microchips. Size only 1,8 x 5mm. Reel contains 300 chips. Divisible by 3. Minimum offtake is 1m.

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Low profile of the LED strip with side light makes it ideal for use in various situations. The strip is only 1.5mm heigh and 5mm wide which enables to place the strip almost everywhere. High quality adhesive tape(3m long) on the rear side of the strip enables quick and easy installation. 12v LED chips shed light on the side of the tape at an angle of 130 degrees. Flexible LED strip is optimally designed to prevent any unwanted light effects. LED strip is characterized by a very low power consumption, which represents a further saving money comparing to other types of lighting. 

Flexible strip with side light may be applied:

  • lighting especially in cases, where large size LED strip can not be used
  • indoor decorative lighting
  • sculpture, exhibits, retails shelves and racks lighting
  • kitchen lighting
  • negative lighting of advertisement signs

This LED strip is characterized as other LED products by a very low energy consumption. 1m of the LED strip with side light consumes only 4.8W.

LED strip with side light requires 12V power source. Maximum lenght of the LED strip with side light is 5m while maintaining full light intensity.

NOTE: The serial connection of more LED strips (exceeding 5m) means voltage drop and loss of energy which is reflected in a lower light intensity. For this case, it is necessary to connect the LED strips in parallel and then watch the sufficient power supply capacity.

Color whiteredgreenblueyellow
Input voltage 12 V12 V12 V12 V12 V
Beaming angle 130 °130 °130 °130 °130 °
LEDs/m 60 pc60 pc60 pc60 pc60 pc
Návin 5 m5 m5 m5 m5 m
Wavelength 625-630 mm510-520 mm470-475 mm590-595 mm
Luminous flux 55-60 lm24-29,5 lm40-47 lm18-24 lm24-29,5 lm
Space between LED 16,7 mm16,7 mm16,7 mm16,7 mm16,7 mm
Consumption/m 6,8 W/m6,8 W/m6,8 W/m6,8 W/m6,8 W/m
Current 0,56 A/m0,56 A/m0,56 A/m0,56 A/m0,56 A/m

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