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Flexible LED strip, 60LED/m, non-waterproof

Vertical LED strip with 5mm cylindric LED diodes furnished with 3M of adhesive tape. 5m of this strip contains 300 LED diodes. Minimum takeoff is 1m.

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This kind of LED strip uses unlike the others so called "dip" LED diodes. At first sight the shape of these LED diodes differs from the others. The height of the PCB strip is 8mm, the height including cylindric LED diode is 13mm. LED strip is furnished with 3M of adhesive tape on one side of the PCB strip. The emitting angle of LED diodes is 80 degrees. LED diodes of this type are characterized by its high saving of energy. The differnce comparing to the other types of lighting (fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, neons) is diametrical.

Vertical flexible strip with dip LED diodes can be used:

  • wide variety of usage when illuminating rear or side of the letters, logos etc.
  • decorative interior illumination
  • interior advertisement signs

Energy consumption of 1m of this LED strip is only 4.8W. The strip needs to be powered up by 12V Power supply unit. Maximum  length of the LED strip is 5m. Connection of two or more strips in series (overreaching the limit of 5m) causes voltage reduction and loss of energy which leads to lower light intensity. To avoid this, it is necessary to connect these LED strips in parallel and watch the sufficient capacity of the Power supply unit.

Color whitewarm whiteredgreenblueyellow
Input voltage 12 V12 V12 V12 V12 V12 V
Beaming angle 80 °80 °80 °80 °80 °80 °
LEDs/m 60 pc60 pc60 pc60 pc60 pc60 pc
Space between LED 16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm
Luminous flux 270-330 lm49-59 lm162-198 lm65-79 lm43-53 lm
Wavelength 626 mm525 mm470 mm591 mm
Color temperature 6500 K
Consumption/m 4,8 W/m4,8 W/m4,8 W/m4,8 W/m4,8 W/m4,8 W/m
Current 0,4 A/m0,4 A/m0,4 A/m0,4 A/m0,4 A/m0,4 A/m
Návin 5 m5 m5 m5 m5 m5 m
Operating temperature -25~+60 °C-25~+60 °C-25~+60 °C-25~+60 °C-25~+60 °C-25~+60 °C

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